About Us

Welcome To G.Tari Designs | Tarcon Construction Inc. We are a full service Architectural Design Firm and Project Management Company. In continuous Business almost 10 Years with Hundreds of projects completed. We offer Building Consultation. Residential-Commercial-Industrial Design

Building Permit Service.


Tarcon’s mission and principles are grounded in providing complete services, which entails constant contact with our clients, to make the entire process effortless, rewarding, on time and on budget. We can Produce Permit Drawings in One Week and obtain your Permit in 5 Business days (If Zoning Compliant).


Each project taken is designed and created with great pride and dedication combining functionality, beauty, efficiency and quality. Here at Tarcon, we consider every home built a masterpiece.


Accommodating our clienteles every aspiration, our professional team is knowledgeable in all facets in designing and constructing your dream home. 


Tarcon Construction Inc. has been a lifelong dream and goal.  Since an early age, designing, building and construction has been a part of my life and has captivated me. From my first Lego home at age 6, to the recently constructed Custom Built home, Tarcon Construction is prepared to make your dreams a reality.


Registering for the Architectural Technology Program and graduating in 2004, being self-employed has allowed me to live out my dream.  Hundreds of projects have been completed since then and an extensive knowledge in Designing, Engineering and Building has been acquired.


For more than a decade, I have had the pleasure to turn dreams into reality for discerning clients.  Tarcon Construction can help you take that next step in the right direction.